Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Patriot Paul's Analysis of Print Media Coverage of Gubernatorial Debates

Patriot Paul Wheeler has an interesting analysis of today's print media coverage of Indiana's gubernatorial debate. He finds that it significantly favors the R's and D's over Libertarian Andrew Horning.

Here's his analysis:

After sampling 3 stories from last night's debate, there were roughly 2500 words combined in the AP report carried by the Chicago Tribune, Ft.Wayne Journal Gazette, and the Indianapolis Star. Of the 2500 words, only 253 referenced Andy Horning's remarks; roughly 10% of the coverage, leaving 90% of these articles discussing the other 2 candidates. Despite the strict debate time frame equally assigning fair time to all, it is obvious the media is fair reporting challenged. All of these reported need to be called by their bosses to account for lack of fair reporting.

Rough breakdown as follows:
Chicago Tribune (ap): 71 out of 738 words
Ft.Wayne JG: 63 out of 903
Indy Star: 119 out of 867

Candidates got a fair shake by television and debate structure. Too bad the printed media has lost its sense of fair reporting. Some even limited their headline reduced to 2 candidates.

Patriot Paul"

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