Monday, December 22, 2008

Marion County Libertarians Give Clothes and Food to Fletcher Place Community Center

At its November meeting, the Libertarian Party of Marion County collected canned goods and gave them to the Fletcher Place Community Center.

Fletcher Place Community Center is in Indianapolis. It goes back to 1872, when the Fletcher Place Episcopal Methodist Church created a mission committee to help newly arriving immigrants. They state that "(w)e have always worked to help families and the homeless meet their basic needs and work towards self sufficiency."

Last Saturday, the price for admission for the Libertarian Party of Marion County Christmas Party was to contribute used clothing and non-perishable food items. I was only able to stay for the first hour of the party, but there already were over half a dozen trash bags filled with used but good clothing, and loose articles of clothing that could fill several more trash bags. It was a huge success. This clothing was also going to the Fletcher Place Community Center. Chair Barry Campbell wondered out loud whether he was going to have to make more than one trip in his pick-up truck to deliver all the clothing!

Congratulations to the Libertarian Party of Marion County for putting its principles were its mouth is, and taking private charitable action to help those in need.

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Barry said...

FYI, the estimated value of the used clothing collected at the LPMC Holiday Party was $350 (estimated at $35 per large bag), plus approximately $60 in food items. Thanks to everyone who donated! The Fletcher Place Community Center serves an area that has seen several Libertarian candidates in the last couple years, including Ed Angleton, Paul Dijak-Robinson, and myself. I think this is a great way to maintain our visibility in the area in a very positive way.