Friday, March 27, 2009

According to Brazil's President, Because I Have White Skin and Blue Eyes, I'm Responsible for the Current World Economic Conditions

(Warning, Blue Eyed, White Skinned Person Pictured Above - You Know They're Responsible for the Current World Economic Conditions - Watch Out for Me - Since I am White Skinned and Blue Eyed, I'm Out to Destroy The Economy)

According to Brazil's President, because I have white skin and blue eyes, I'm responsible for the current world economic conditions.

What a racist!!!!!!!!! I am personally offended. This is inexcusable.

I hope President Obama and Congress act appropriately and issue appropriate statements vilifying this awful position. People should be judged on their merits and not on their skin color or the color of their eyes. They must act now because otherwise the message to the world will be that President Obama and Congress tacitly endorse the Brazilian President, which I am sure is not their belief.


Mike Kole said...

I have green eyes, and am not a banker but I am also offended by the ignorance espoused by this 'leader'- not because I am white, but because the base ignorant idea that if one person does something that all people like that person are inherently the same is unsupportable, unadulterated bullshit.

Rex Bell said...

I have blue eyes, and a lot more skin than I used to have, and I'm afraid it's white.

Does that make me a bad person?

Ahow said...

There are many situation in which it is hard to find the line between free speech and hate speech. However, I think the Brazilian President managed to find that line and blow right by it...