Thursday, March 26, 2009

Message from Politicians - Hard Work is for Losers

Why do the politicians the American people elect hate the American Dream? Learn how an AIG employee reacted to the AIG bonus situation because of politicians who hate it when non-politicians are successful and try to succeed in life. He has resigned from AIG. Read his letter of resignation which has been printed in the New York Times. I bet he's looking to see if there are other countries that reward hard work. It certainly is looking like this is less the case in the United States of America, where those skilled in special interests and manipulating bureaucracies get the rewards, and hard work is for losers.

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Ahow said...

My favorite part is where he decided to donate the funds to charity. Too bad the government wants to tax the crap out of it, so he can't donate even close to the full amount.

Give me dollar for dollar tax liability reductions for charitable donations and I'll show you a country with an effective, efficient welfare system. My local church works hard for its donations; my federal government does not.