Sunday, April 12, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy for the Libertarian Party of Indiana, Part 2

The Libertarian Party of Marion County has produced a flyer and will be handing them out on Wednesday at the Indianapolis Tea Party at the State House.

Libertarian Party of Indiana 2nd District Central Committee Representative Ryan Liedtky was a guest on a radio show on Friday, April 3 on the Libertarian option to keeping the Soldiers and Sailors Childrens Home open.

LPIN Executive Director Chris Spangle has been talking with the national LP office about the "Free Hoosiers" web site and how to help other state LP parties build a similar site.

The following programs are on the tentative schedule (and subject to change) for the Libertarian Party of Indiana convention:

Mark Rutherford on Atlas!Liberty PAC.
Kentucky State LP Chairman Ken Moellman on campaign training.
LPIN State Secretary Melanie Hughes on home schooling and private schooling.
Eric Schansberg on Libertarianism and Christianity.

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