Sunday, April 12, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy for the Libertarian Party of Indiana, Part 1

Libertarians across Indiana are very, very busy. Here's an update on what has been happening over the last couple of weeks.

On Tuesday, March 24th, Indianapolis Libertarian City-County Councilor Ed Coleman held a town hall meeting at the Indianapolis Central Library. The town hall meeting was held to discuss the attempts to amend the Indy smoking ban to include bars. A little under 100 bar workers attended. Libertarians present gave out a Libertarian Party of Indiana Small Business brochure to each one of them. This made the news, with Ed and former Libertarian Party of Indiana Executive Director Brad Klopfenstein both getting media coverage. Brad is the current Executive Director of the Indiana Licensed Beverage Association.

On Wednesday, March 25th there was a big rally at the Statehouse called Revolt at the State House. About 250 - 300 citizens of Indiana showed for the rally. Representatives of the Libertarian Party passed out LP literature to about half of the people there. Libertarian Party of Indiana Executive Director Chris Spangle set up an information table. Libertarian Party of Marion County Communications Director Sean Shepard MC'd the event.

Executive Director Chris Spangle has been named to Indiana Secretary of State Todd Rokita's HAVA (Help America Vote Act) commission. He attended his first meeting on Friday, March 27th. This version of the commission will be looking at ADA issues, HAVA (Help America Vote Act) budget issues and voting centers, among other things.

On Saturday night, March 28th, Executive Director was the speaker at the Libertarian Party of Wayne County Convention in Richmond. Rex Bell was re-elected chair.

LPIN Vice Chairman Dan Drexler and 2nd District Central Committee member Ryan Liedtky, Libertarians in the 2nd Congressional District, have undertaken the effort to form and organize the LPIN's first congressional district committee. They are starting by forming Libertarian Party Second Congressional District Committee in order to help strengthen that district, and then they plan to organize all counties not currently organized. You can learn more about this on the new website for this effort at

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