Friday, November 20, 2009

Todd Rokita Headlines Common Cause Seminar on Redistricting

Redistricting 2011: A New Day for Democracy or Politics as Usual?

I am honored to serve on the organizing committee for the Redistricting 2011: A New Day for Democracy or Politics as Usual? seminar on redistricting by Common Cause. The organizing committee is a group of people of different political interests (supporters of all three Indiana ballot access parties are represented) who have something in common - redistricting in Indiana needs to be less partisan and more representative of the needs of the people.

Current Indiana Secretary of State Todd Rokita is the headline speaker.

The seminar is set for December 18th in the Senate Chambers of the Indiana State House. It starts at 11:30 am and includes lunch. Details on cost are contained in the below brochure. You can register on-line at

I hope to see a lot of Libertarians in attendance. We need to be supportive of the good ideas and efforts of other organizations when we have mutual agreement on important issues. This is how one implements Libertarian ideas.

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Ed Gluck said...

You may be surprised that some Libertarians support getting the "big" money out of elections. Others of course, see it as a free speech issue.

This might be worth taking a poll, but wording may be tricky without a real proposal.

Ed Gluck
Terre Haute, IN