Thursday, December 03, 2009

Is the Bloomington Herald-Times Inadvertantly Helping Criminals Be Better Criminals?

The Bloomington Herald-Times online web site is launching a new gun permit database for Monroe County and Bloomington, Indiana.

It is my opinion that this will make it easier for criminals, especially burglars, to target their victims in a way that minimizes the chance of a poor outcome (such as being shot).

A smart burglar will check the database and avoid areas in which there is a high number of homes with permit holders.

Below, from the Libertarian Party of Indiana Liberty Beacon is a reproduction of the news release about this from the NRA:

"On November 30, 2009, the Bloomington Herald-Times made the following announcement:

"This week, will launch its new gun permit database. You'll be able to search gun permit records by county, city or town and street."

The Herald-Times has begun receiving calls and emails, and their response is a defiant defense of their online gun permit database. Anyone who visits the newspaper website will be able to search the number of permits on a given street or neighborhood. Although at this point the names and house numbers are not listed, the newspaper's website treats law-abiding Indiana gun owners like sex offenders on a searchable database.

It is NRA's firm belief that there is no public good served by the publishing or cataloguing private citizens' gun ownership information, and that more harm is done by such an action. Law-abiding Hoosiers should not be subjected to the same treatment as sex offenders, and if the newspaper won't listen to their constituents and customers, then NRA Members and Indiana gun owners should send a financial message by cancelling their subscriptions to the Bloomington Herald-Times.

Please contact the Bloomington Herald-Times to respectfully voice your displeasure at the irresponsible action the newspaper has made."

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