Thursday, December 03, 2009

Heart Disease Death Rate Increases By 16% in Indianapolis After Smoking Ban - Thus Smoke Free Indy Logic Suggests Smoking Ban Should be Rescinded!

Read the blog post "Heart Disease Death Rate Increased by 16% in First Year Following Indy Smoking Ban; By IOM Committee's Logic, Ban Caused Increase in Heart Attacks" for information on this drastic increase in heart disease after the passage of Indianapolis' Smoking Ban.

By using some of the logic applied by Smoke Free Indy in its attacks on the current Smoking Ban compromise, the general Smoking Ban enacted by the Indianapolis City-County Council in 2005 resulted in a 16% increase in deaths by heart disease in Indianapolis!

In my opinion this goes to show that Smoke Free Indy's efforts are not about the general health and welfare of people, but are about control and power over others, especially small and nascent businesses, by self designated elites including established big corporations represented by the local Chamber of Commerce (whose position on the Smoking Ban shows they do not represent the interests of small business owners). If this truly was about second hand smoke hurting workers, the statistics would show immediate health benefits, which they do not do.

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