Monday, November 14, 2005

Hoosier Libertarians Enjoy Libertarian Cruise

I just received an email from Libertarian Party of Indiana Vice Chair Sam Goldstein, which proves that politics can be fun. Here's selected excerpts from it:


Attached are a few of the many photos taken by our group on the First Annual Indiana Libertarian cruise. Our well traveled former LP Vice-Chair Ken Bisson organized this fun trip to the sun for 9 Indiana LP members (Sam & Jame Goldstein, Ken & Ellen Bisson, Erica Sanborn, Tish Ratcliff, Judge Susan and Rex Bell, and Jo Coleman).

We visited Mexico, Grand Cayman, Jamaica and the Bahamas and enjoyed warm, calm seas and wonderful Libertarian togetherness. Rex Bell provided much comic relief and will have to have a special workshop at the state convention to explain the reading of cruise menus, the proper use of a fanny pack and why the pastry chef kept missing his desserts with the chocolate squiggles. Jame bargained for and brought home a 4 foot tall parrot from the craft market at Ocho Rios. Ken, Jo and I had a great time sailing on a small catamaran off of Paradise Cay and the entire group ate entirely too much food . . . "

"I would highly recommend that anyone who would enjoy a really good time away from a cold Indiana fall plan to come with us on next year's Indiana Libertarian Cruise.


Sam Goldstein"

I'll post pictures of this fun event in the near future.

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